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Qualified Emergency Specialists Inc
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Qualified Emergency Specialists, Inc | Clinical Locations

Bethesda Arrow Springs

Medical Director: Brendan Sheridan, MD

At Bethesda Arrow Springs, our State-Of-Tthe-Art, 24-hour Emergency Department is ready for anything. We handle emergencies on site or, in rare cases, stabilize a patient and arrange transfer to Bethesda North Hospital. As part of TriHealth, we share many of the same Board Certified physicians, specially trained nurses and respiratory therapists.

  • 24,500 Annual ED Patient Volume
  • 24 Hours of Physician Coverage
  • 11 Hours of APP Coverage
  • 6, 8, 10, or 12-Hour Physician Shifts
  • 11-Hour APP Shifts
  • Freestanding Emergency Department
  • Epic