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The Keys to Successful Emergency Medicine Physician Interviewing

Posted by Lori Carlyle, Associate VP of Recruiting

7/2/14 10:10 AM

The Keys to Successful Emergency Medicine Physician Interviewing | Self-Assessment

Successful Emergency Medicine Physician InterviewingWhether you are an emergency medicine resident about to embark on your career, or a practicing physician looking for career advancement, the job search process can be time consuming and confusing.

Based on EMrecruits many years of emergency medicine recruiting experience, we have identified some practical steps to assist you in understanding your expectations from a clinical and personal view to help define your career path and guide you through the entire interviewing process.  Over the next several months, we will provide our 7-Step Guide to Successful Interviewing. 

Step 1 | Self-Assessment: Create your Personal & Professional Profile

If you are uncertain about your career path, plunging into the job market makes little sense as interviewers quickly eliminate candidates who are unsure of their direction.  According to EMRA, 70% of Emergency Medicine residency graduates will leave their first job within the first two years due to a lack of clear cut career and personal goals during the initial job search.  

Self-assessment is the first and most important step in any job search.

  • Self-knowledge allows you to match your interests, skills, goals, values and potential with a future career.
  • Affirming past experiences can determine your future.
  • Self-knowledge can lead to a focused, dynamic interview style.

Questions to ask Yourself

What are my key attributes and traits? (Aptitude, Affability, Availability)

  • General and specific diagnostic skills and procedures
  • EHR/EMR experience and comfort level
  • Documenting, administrative and patient records
  • Independent, self-motivated, enjoy working with a team/solo

What are my professional concerns?

  • Demand for specialty
  • Income potential- base hourly guarantee, productivity pay, bonus/partnership income?
  • Political and financial stability
  • Need mentoring or leadership potential
  • Area and patient demographics
  • General economic and social base

What are my personal concerns?

  • Size of community
  • Proximity of friends and family
  • Cost of Living
  • Quality of Schools and Recreational Activities
  • Employment opportunities of significant other
  • Quality of home life versus time spent at work
  • Professional growth

Once you’ve answered these questions for yourself, the answers will come easily as Recruiters take you down these information-gathering pathways.  Be honest with yourself and genuine in your answers, and you can expect the same in return.  Both parties have a similar goal – making the best match for both the candidate and the group hiring.

Next Time - Pre-Interview Preparation: Frequently Asked Questions!

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