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3 Steps to Finding Your Next Emergency Medicine Job at ACEP16

Posted by Jillian Roberson, Recruitment & Marketing Specialist

8/17/16 3:23 PM

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The largest gathering of emergency medicine physicians is quickly approaching. In just eight short weeks Las Vegas will be the stomping grounds for over 7,000 emergency medicine physicians and residents as the 2016 American College of Emergency Medicine Scientific Assembly kicks off at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Each physician in attendance comes with a different goal in mind... Perhaps for you it's to earn CME credits? Maybe you consider ACEP the opportune time to meet up with your buddies from residency and enjoy a new city together? Or just maybe, you're considering making a move in your career and recognize ACEP as the largest emergency medicine recruiting event of the year!

If you consider yourself the latter, then you've come to the right place to ensure you make the most of your ACEP experience!

3 Steps to Finding Your Next Emergency Medicine Job at ACEP16

  1. Have a clear understanding of your life and career goals. Nothing can derail a conversation with a recruiter or potential employer faster, than not knowing what you want. If your response to "Where are you looking" is "I'm open to anywhere," take some time to really consider the cities and regions that would best match your lifestyle and/or make you happiest long-term. Having a clear idea of how you'd answer questions specific you your life and career goals before engaging in conversation regarding new opportunities will allow you to more quickly pinpoint the emergency medicine practices that best align with your long-term goals.

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  2. Have an updated copy of your CV ready. This may seem like commonsense, however we suggest you consider this common practice in a new way. Paper CVs can be easily misplaced as hundreds of candidates pass through an exhibitor's booth. How can you make sure yours is remembered? Consider having a copy of your CV saved via Dropbox on your smartphone. After you engage with a recruiter or potential employer, obtain their email address and let them know you'll be sending it as an attachment by email shortly. This acts as an instant follow-up to your conversation and ensures that the recruitment process won't be delayed once you step away from the booth.
  3. Set up interviews for during ACEP before you arrive. There's really no other way to ensure you're spending your time at ACEP in the most effective way. Our network of independent, physician-owned emergency medicine groups will have physician leadership in attendance at ACEP and ready to speak with you. We've even dedicated an entire 10 x 10 booth to interviews.

    Contact us today to speak with a recruiter, determine the EM practices that best match your life and career goals, and to schedule a specific time to interview. Have specific questions? Email us at

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