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The Keys to Successful Emergency Medicine Physician Interviewing

Posted by Lori Carlyle, Associate VP of Recruiting

1/8/15 8:30 AM

The Keys to Successful Emergency Medicine Physician Interviewing | Post Interview Communication

Last month EMrecruits discussed the importance of Asking the Right Questions by by offering the Do's and Don'ts of interview etiquette.  The final step in our 7-Step Guide to Successful Interviewing is one of the most important elements of the interview process and can not be forgotten: Post Interview Communication.  

Step 7 | Post Interview Communication: Don't Delay!

emergency medicine physician interviewing post interview communicationIt is always a good idea to initiate the communication process after the interview. A significant amount of time from all parties has been invested up to this point.  Your final interaction will help seal the deal, or could potentially knock you out of consideration.  We suggest you follow these post-interview tips.

  1. Write a thank you note. Although e-mail thank you notes are acceptable, a handwritten note is best. It should be brief - tell them you enjoyed your meeting. Express interest in the position and in hearing from them soon.
  1. Keep a record of questions you still have that will need to be addressed. The entire process from interview to hire can take multiple weeks. By writing down your thoughts, you will be able to concisely follow up on issues that may become important later.
  1. You get an offer! If you want to pursue the job, communication is the key and stay in constant contact. Have an attorney review the employment contract. If you are continuing to interview, you run the risk of showing a lack of interest. If the offer meets your needs - accept it.
  1. If you are not interested, be courteous in declining and do it immediately.  You never know when you may cross the path of the individuals involved in the future.

These steps are designed to give you the basic skills necessary to help you find the best match for your career plan. We hope this helps guide you in the process. If you are working closely with a recruiter, you should take advantage of their knowledge and expertise to help you with your preparation. Practice the questions and refer to the guide regularly and you will have a distinct advantage in your quest for your ideal job.

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