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SPOTLIGHT: Rodney Look, MD - Northern California Regional Director

Posted by Jillian Roberson, Recruitment & Marketing Specialist

10/19/15 3:00 PM

SPOTLIGHT: Rodney Look, MD - Northern California Regional Director

Will you be attending ACEP15 in Boston? If so, make time to come by Booth #715 and meet Dr. Rodney Look, of Acute Medical Providers. He will be available to speak with you face-to-face and discuss available emergency physician openings in Northern California. 

Don't Wait! Schedule your time today by emailing a copy of your CV to

Rodney Look, MD

Rodney Look MD Acute Medical Providers Northern California Emergency Physician OpeningsMedical School: UNC Chapel Hill
Residency: Massachettes General Hospital / Brigham & Womens
Residency Specialty: Emergency Medicine

Current Position: Northern California Regional Director, Chair SHHOUV, Chair SWMC

What is you favorite pastime outside of the emergency department?
Trail running, crossfit, extreme skiing, mountain hiking, animals, and anything associated with caffeine.

Who gave you your best career advice? What was it?
A good physician treats the disease. A great physician treats the patient who has the disease. - William Osler

What's the most exciting thing on the horizon? Personal or Professional.
Today, this moment.

If you were just starting your residency now, what would you do differently?
Find at least five inspiring mentors and give myself to their side and soak in their wisdom.

How will things change in emergency medicine during the next decade?
Less admissions and more intimacy with community resources and approach.

Most awkward encounter with a patient.
A typical ED classic...pregnant woman who shows up in labor, yet didn't know, or accept, she was pregnant.

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